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  • guest - Tuesday 11 June 2013 11:39Reply
    i used to sail on this ship my uncle was the captain brings back good memorys
  • Bern Stuiver - Tuesday 4 February 2014 18:05Reply
    I was his son--who are you?
  • Janine Poppen - Sunday 15 February 2015 01:38Reply
    My dad, Jan Poppen was First Mate on The Marwit that delivered cargo from Roncorn Liverpool to London Derry Island in England. This was from 1964.
    Did anyone know him, or can you offer more information about the ship?
  • alan - Sunday 15 February 2015 11:54Reply
    @ Janine Poppen :Hi Janine,
    Marwit was built 1960 499gt renamed Sapna about 1981 and broken up 1986.
  • Merv Rowlinson - Saturday 2 April 2016 00:21Reply
    [Janine: Marwit was certainly a smart ship. Gleaming paintwork and brasswork - a credit to your Dad.

    The shortsea route was certainly a rough one, so even more impressive to maintain such high standards.

    MervR reply=2717]Janine Poppen[/reply]
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