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UECC Car Carriers laid up on the River Fal

Left to Right Autoprestige Autoline Autotransporter with Autopremier at rear

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  • guest - Wednesday 27 June 2012 17:11Reply
    [#8852031] 2009-08-15 10:24:21 Left by (#0) Reply

    Hi Alan I just paid my first visit to your superb fotopic site, and your latest update from the river fal brought back some old memories.... As a young (ish) child some 10-15 years ago, I used to go to Cornwall once a year for 2 weeks at a time (staying at Trethem Mill Campsite, which is not far at all from the River Fal on the St Mawes side of the river). I used to always look forward to going on the King Harry ferry as I was always fasinated by the \'monster\' sized ships and tankers etc, that used to be \'resting\' on the Fal. Seeing your quite superb pictures, really did make me reminise for a few mins. It has been a number of years now since I have been down to the Fal, I notice that the ships all are \'stored\' on 1 side of the river only now a days, when I was younger they used to be on both sides. Anyway enough of me rabbiting on. I shall def be visiting your site again in future. Best Regards Ben Daniels
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