Manchester Ship Canal Movements
Visits for 2019 & 2020
A record of the ship Movements on the Manchester Ship Canal
for Carrington Cadishead Manchester & Salford

   Movements for 2019
Jan 2nd---Arkonia---4th Salford
Jan 11th---Arkonia---15th Salford
Jan 12th---Arklow Ruler---15th Irwell Park
Jan 23th---Arkonia---Jan 26th Salford
Jan 26th---Arklow Valiant---Jan 29th Salford
Feb 4th---Arkonia---Feb 7th Salford
Feb 15th---Noest---Feb 19th Salford
Feb 25th---Arkonia---Feb 27th Salford
Mar 8th---Arkonia---Mar 12th Salford
Mar 23rd---Arkonia---Salford

   Movements for 2020

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