Manchester Ship Canal Movements
Visits for 2019 & 2020
A record of the ship Movements on the Manchester Ship Canal
for Carrington Cadishead Manchester & Salford

   Movements for 2019
Jan 2nd---Arkonia---4th Salford
Jan 11th---Arkonia---15th Salford
Jan 12th---Arklow Ruler---15th Irwell Park
Jan 23th---Arkonia---Jan 26th Salford
Jan 26th---Arklow Valiant---Jan 29th Salford
Feb 4th---Arkonia---Feb 7th Salford
Feb 15th---Noest---Feb 19th Salford
Feb 25th---Arkonia---Feb 27th Salford
Mar 8th---Arkonia---Mar 12th Salford
Mar 23rd---Arkonia---Mar 26th Salford
Apr 1st---Arkonia---Apr 4th Salford
Apr 11th---Noest---Apr 15th Salford
Apr 21st---Noest---23rd Salford
Apr 25th---Arkonia---Apr 29th Salford
Apr 28th---Arklow Rainbow---May 2nd Cargills
May 3rd---Arklow View---May 7th Cargills
May 12th---Arkonia---May 14th Salford
May 24th---Noest---May 25th Salford
May 25th---Arklow Freedom---May 28th Cargills
May 26th---Arkonia---May 28th Salford
May 29th---Arklow Fortune---May 31st Cargills
Jun 1st---Arklow Rogue---Jun 5th Cargills
Jun 14th---Arkonia---Jun 16th Salford
Jun 26th---Noest---Jun28th Salford
Jul 6th---Arkonia---Jul 8th Salford
Jul 21st---Arkonia---Jul 15th Salford
Jul 25th---Omegagas---Jul 27th Carrington
Aug 1st---Arklow Fame---Cargills (Aug 4th Transferred to Irwell Park)departed Aug6th
Aug 3rd---Sea Ruby---Aug 4th Esprit
Aug 6th---Arklow Clan---Aug 9th Cargills
Aug 9th---Arklow Falcon---12th Cargills
Aug 12th---Arklow Valley---Aug16th Cargills
Aug 13th---Arkonia---Aug 17th Salford
Aug 17th---Stolt Jaeger---Aug 19th Cadishead
Aug 31st---Arkonia---Sept 3rd Salford
Sept 9th--= Arkonia---12thSalford
Sept 12th---Hunzedijk---14th Irwell Park
Sept 27th---Arkonia---Sept 30th Salford
Oct 3rd---Typhoon---Oct 4th Carrington
Oct 3rd---Wilson Goole---7th Irlam
Oct 9th---Omegagas---Oct 11th Carrington
Oct 13th---Arkonia---16th Salford
Oct 21st---Stolt Kingfisher---Oct 23rd Cadishead
Oct 25th---Arkonia---28th Salford
Nov 17th---Arkonia---19th Salford
Nov 30th---Arklow Cliff---Dec 2nd Salford
Dec 20th---Pregol Hav---Dec 20th Irlam
Dec 20th---Sarah B---Dec 21st Salford
Dec 28th---Suderau---Dec 30th Irwell Park

   Movements for 2020
Jan 8th---Arkonia---Jan 11th Salford
Jan 21st---Arkonia---Jan 24th Salford
Jan 22nd---Stolt Pelican---Jan 25th Cadishead
Feb 5th---Arklow Cliff---Feb 12th Salford
Feb 13th---Arklow Venture---Feb 16th Salford
Feb 26th---Arklow Rival---Mar 1st Salford
Mar 4th---Happy Falcon---Mar 6th Carrington
Mar 6th---Brisote---Mar 8th Carrington
Mar 11th---Arkonia---Mar 15th Salford
Mar 12th---Omegagas---Mar 15th Carrington
Mar 28th---Arkonia---Mar 31st Salford
Mar 30th---Omegagas---Apr 1st Carrington
Apr 12th---Sefarina---Apr 29th Carrington
Apr 22nd---Noest---Apr 24th Salford
Apr 24th---Jason---Apr 28th Irwell Park
May 5th---Stolt Razorbill---May 6th Cadishead
May 6th---Linnau---May 11th Irwell Park
May 6th---Arkonia---May 11th Salford
May 20th---Arkonia---May 23rd Salford
Jun 2nd---Arkonia---Jun 5th Salford
Jun 5th---Ceg Universe---Jun 7th Salford
Jun 10th---Ceg Universe---Salford
Jun 17th---Ceg Universe---Jun 18th Salford
Jun 25th---Arkonia---Jun 28th Salford
July 3rd---Arkonia---Jul 7th Salford
July 8th---Alsterdiep---Jul 10th Manchester
July 11th---Arkonia---Jul 14th Salford
July 18th---Arkonia---21st Salford
Aug 1st---Arklow Rouge---4th Cargills
Aug 3rd---Arkonia---Aug 6th Salford
Aug 5th---Arklow Valour---Aug 7th Cargills
Aug 7th---Bornholm---Aug 8th Salford
Aug 9th---Arklow Raider--Aug 12th Cargills
Aug 13th---Arklow Raven---Aug 17th Cargils
Aug 17th---Arklow Rival---Aug 20th Cargills
Aug 20th---Arklow Raider---Aug 23rd Cargills
Aug 23th---Arklow Rival---Aug 26th Salford
Aug 23th---Stolt Cormorant---Aug 24th Cadishead
Aug 27th---Arkonia---Aug 30th Salford
Aug 28th---Arklow Rebel---Aug 30th Cargills
Sept 3rd---Arklow Ruler---Sept 7th Cargills
Sept 10th---Akonia---Sept 14th Salford
Sept 11th---Arklow Rouge---Cargills 15th (Transferred to Irwell Park)Departed Sept 16th
Sept 16th--- Arklow Cape---Sept 17th Cargills
Sept 20th---Arkonia---Sept 23rd Salford
Oct 2nd---Arkonia---Oct 7th Salford
Oct 15th---Arkonia---Oct 18th Salford
Oct 24th---Arklow Raider---Oct 29th Salford
Oct 27th---Arklow Cape---Oct 29th Irwell Park
Oct 28th---Arkonia---Nov 1st Salford
Nov 9th---Arklow Castle---Nov 12th Cargills
Nov 10th---Ceg Universe---Nov 11th Salford
Nov 15th---Arkonia---Nov 19th Salford
Nov 22nd---Arklow Rouge---Nov 24th Manchester
Nov 23rd---Arkonia---Nov 26th Salford
Dec 3rd---Ceg Universe---Dec 6th Salford
Dec 3rd---Stolt Cormorant---Dec 5th Cadishead
Dec 8th---Eastern Vanquish---Dec 10th Esprit
Dec 7th---Arkonia---Dec 11th Salford
Dec 18th---Arkonia---Dec 22nd Salford

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