Manchester Ship Canal Movements

Visits for 2017 & 2018
A record of the ship Movements on the Manchester Ship Canal
for Carrington Cadishead Manchester & Salford

2016 saw a total of 32 inward vessel movements plus RMS Veritas for Irlam.It appears that the cement ship to Salford is now going via Garston/Rail?
RMS Duisburg the first large vessel to arrive on the 30th January at the old dry docks which is now Esprit Docks which could see more arrivals in the future.
The cement run back Feb/March!

2017 saw a total of 51 inward movements of which almost 50% were cement shipments for Salford

   Movements for 2017
Jan 21stAM---Wilson Ghent---21stPM Irlam
Jan 30th---Happy Fellow---31st Carrington
Jan 30thAM---RMS Duisburg---30thPM Manchester-Esprit
Feb 3rd---Deltagas---Feb 4th Carrington
Feb 22nd---Arkonia---Feb 26th Salford
Mar 13th---Noest---Mar 15th Salford
Mar 23rd---Sea Ems---Mar 27th Salford
Apr 3rd---Sea Ems---Apr 5th Salford
Apr 14th---Arklow Rival---Apr 16th Cargills
Apr 16th---Arkonia---20th Salford
Apr 27th---Arklow Fern---Cargills Transferred to Irwell Park 30th
departed Irwell Park 4th May
Apr 28th---Sea Ems---Apr 30th Salford
May 5th---Arklow Field---May 7th Cargills
May 10th---Arkonia---May 15th Salford
May 12th---Arklow Racer---May 21st Cargills
May 22nd---Arklow Rebel---May 30th Cargills
May 30th---Arklow Freedom---Jun 10th Cargills
Jun 4th---Noest---Jun 7th Salford
Jun 14th---Arkonia---Jun 16th Salford
Jun 24th---Noest---Jun 27th Salford
Jul 3rd---Arkonia---Jul 6th Salford
Jul 6th---Hav Pike---Jul 7th Irwell Park
Jul 7th---Arklow Fortune---Cargills Transferred to Irwell Park 9th
departed Irwell Park 12th Jul
Jul 14th---Arklow Rogue---Cargills
Jul 20th---Sea Ems---23rd Salford
Jul 21st---Arklow Raven---Cargills Transferred to Irwell Park 24th
departed Irwell Park 26th Jul
Jul 25th---Arkonia---27th Salford
Jul 31st---Arklow Rover---Aug 2nd Cargills
Aug 2nd---Arklow Rogue---Aug 4th Cargills
Aug 5th---Arklow Rebel---Aug 7th Cargills
Aug 10th---Sea Ems---Aug 11th Salford
Aug 21st---Arkonia---Aug 24th Salford
Aug 31st---Arkonia---Sept 6th Salford
Sept 4th---Arlau---Sept 5th Irwell Park
Sept 6th---Arklow Fern---Sept 7th Irwell Park
Sept 19th---Scot Ranger---Sept 20th Manchester Esprit
Sept 22nd---Arkonia---Sept 25th Salford
Sept 23rd---Britannica Hav---Sept 27th Manchester Esprit
Oct 6th---Mia Sophie B---Oct 10th Salford
Oct 10th---Arkonia---14th Salford
Oct 19th---Kastor---Irwell Park
Oct 25th---Arkonia---Oct 27th Salford
Oct 27th---Happy Falcon---Oct 29th Carrington
Nov 3rd---Arkonia---Nov 10th Salford
Nov 11th---Sefarina---Nov 13th Carrington
Nov 13th---Right Step---Irwell Park
Nov 18th---Arkonia---21st Salford
Nov 28th---Arklow Rogue---Salford Transferred to Irwell Park 30th Nov
Departed Irwell Park 3rd Dec
Dec 4th---Fehn Capella---6th Dec Salford
Dec 14th---Fehn Capella---Dec 16th Salford
Dec 17th---Bonita---Dec 17th Cadishead

   Movements for 2018
Jan 8th---Arkonia---Jan 11th Salford
Jan 11th---Sundowner---13th Carrington
Jan 22nd---Arkonia---Jan 24th Salford
Jan 29th---Anmiro---Jan 31st Irwell Park
Jan 31st---Arkonia---Feb 3rd Salford
Feb 8th---Arklow Rebel---Feb 11th Irwell Park
Feb 10th---Stolt Guillemot---Feb 11th Cadishead
Feb 20th---Fehn Capella---Feb 22nd Salford
Feb 28th---Arkonia---Mar 8th Salford
Mar 9th---Moseldijk---Mar 12th Irwell Park
Mar 15th---Arkonia---Mar 17th Salford
Mar 15th---Happy Falcon---Mar 17th Partington
Mar 24th---Omegagas---Mar 27th Carrington
Mar 28th---Happy Falcon---Apr 1st Partington
Mar 29th---Noest---Apr 1st Salford
Mar 29th---Arklow Rogue---Apr 1st Cargills
Apr 7th---Arkonia---Apr 9th Salford
Apr 7th---Arklow Rover---Apr 8th Cargills
Apr 8th---Happy Falcon---Apr 11th Partington
Apr 16th---Arkonia---Apr 19th Salford
Apr 21st---Omegagas---24th Partington
Apr 22nd---Eilsum---Apr 23rd Manchester Esprit
Apr 24th--- Arklow Raven---1st May Cargills
Apr 25th---Stolt Fulmar---Apr 26th Cadishead
Apr 26th---Arkonia---Apr 28th Salford
May 5th---Arklow Raider---May 7th Cargills
May 6th---Noest---May 7th Salford
May 10th---Fehn Capella---May 13th Salford
May 10th---Arklow Forest---May 12th Cargills
May 18th---Arklow Rover---May 20th Cargills
May 19th---Fehn Capella---May 20th Salford
May 26th---Arkonia---Salford
May 27th---Arklow Raven---Cargills
Jun 4th---Arklow Rival---Jun 7th Cargills
Jun 5th---Noest---Jun 7th Salford
Jun 8th---Arklow View---Jun 11th Cargills
Jun 11th---Arkonia---Jun 14th Salford
Jun 14th---Arklow Raider---Jun 17th Cargills
Jun 22nd---Arklow Rebel---Jun 25th Cargills
Jun 23rd---Butes---Jun 26th Irwell Park
Jun 25th---Arkonia---Jun 26th Salford
Jun 27th---Arklow Cliff---Jul 3rd Cargills
Jul 6th---Arklow Ruler---Jul 8th Cargills
Jul 7th---Arkonia---Jul 8th Salford
Jul 9th---Arklow Rebel---Jul 13th Cargills
Jul 13th---Arklow Raider---Jul 15th Cargills
Jul 13th---Stolt Razorbill---Jul 16th Cadishead
Jul 15th---Arklow Cape---Jul 17th Cargills
Jul 17th---Arklow Cliff---Cargills Transferred to Irwell Park
(Departed Irwell Park Jul20th)
Jul 19th---Arklow Rival---21st Cargills
Jul 21st---Arklow Raider---23rd Cargills
Jul 22nd---Noest---24th Salford
Jul 27th---Arklow Rover---Jul 29th Cargills
Jul 28th---Noest---Jul 30th Salford
Jul 29th---Arklow Rival---Aug 1st Cargills
Aug 1st---Arklow Falcon---Aug 4th Cargills
Aug 3rd---Noest---Aug 4th Salford
Aug 4th---Arklow Ruler---Aug 6th Cargills
Aug 7th---Arklow Rival---Aug 11th Cargills
Aug 8th--- Noest---Aug 10th Salford
Aug 11th---Arklow Raider---Aug 12th Cargills
Aug 12th---Arklow Falcon---Aug 15th Cargills
Aug 16th---Arklow Cadet---Aug 18th Cargills
Aug 17th---Noest---Aug 18th Salford
Aug 19th---Arklow Fern---Aug 23rd Cargills
Aug 23rd---Arklow Ruler---Aug 25th Cargills
Aug 25th---Noest---Aug 28th Salford
Aug 25th---Arklow Fame---Aug 31st Cargills
Sept 2nd---Calypso---Sept 6th Salford
Sept 11th---Alecto---Sept 13th Salford
Sept 11th---Sefarina---Sept 13th Carrington
Sept 27th---Noest---Sept 28th Salford
Sept 29th---Arklow Raider---Oct 2nd Manchester
Oct 5th---Stolt Razorbill---Oct 6th Cadishead
Oct 7th--- Arklow Raven---9th Oct Salford
Oct 24th---Arkonia---Oct 26thSalford
Nov 1st---Brisote---Nov 7th Carrington
Nov 3rd---Arkonia---Nov 5th Salford
Nov 4th---Arklow Field---Nov 6th Irwell Park
Nov 14th---Kossau---Nov 16th Salford
Nov 24th---Arklow Ruler---Cargills Transferred to Irwell Park
(Departed Irwell Park Nov 27th)
Nov 30th--Arklow Fern---Dec 2nd Salford
Dec 12th---Arklow Clan---Dec 16th Salford
Dec 29th---Arkonia---Salford

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