Manchester Ship Canal Movements

Visits for 2015 & 2016
A record of the ship Movements on the Manchester Ship Canal
for Carrington Cadishead Manchester & Salford

2013 saw a total of 114 vessels -2014 Total of 57 vessels and 2015 saw a total of 51+Arslan 1 covering for Thea II

On July 8th 2015 Sea Ems arrived on a new service to Salford Weaste Wharf with cement.

   Movements for 2015

Jan 4th---Petersburg---Jan 6th
Jan 17th---Melas---Jan 20th
Jan 28th---Stolt Kittiwake---Jan 29th
Feb 3rd---Happy Falcon---5th Feb
Mar 7th--- Stolt Egret---Mar 8th
Mar 12th---Arklow Field---Mar 13th
Mar 14th---Happy Falcon---Mar 17th
Apr 2nd---Arklow Rogue---Apr 4th
Apr 5th---Arklow Raider---Apr 9th
Apr 22nd---Omegagas---Apr 24th
May 9th---Arklow Fame---May 13th
May 14th---Stolt Dipper---15th May
May ----Arklow Flair---25th May
May 11th---Paula C---14th May Irwell Park
May 17th---Arklow Flair---19th May Irwell Park
June 22nd---Shuya---23rd June Irwell Park
July 2nd---Allergretto---4th July Irwell Park
July 8th---Sea Ems---11th July Salford
July 15th---Deltagas---17th July Carrington
July 23rd---Telamon---24th July Irwell Park
July 24th---Sea Ems---25th July Salford
Aug 1st---Arklow Raven---2nd Aug Cargills
Aug 3rd---Arklow Rainbow---5th Aug Salford
Aug 6th---Arklow Rally---8th Aug Cargills
Aug 8th---Flinterbirka---10th Aug Salford
Aug 14th---Arklow Rogue---17Aug
Aug 18th---Omegagas---19th Aug Carrington
Aug 19th---Sea Ems---20th Aug Salford
Aug 21st---Arklow Raider---23rd Aug
Aug 26th---Odertal---28th Aug Irwell Park
Sept 3rd---Sea Ems---5th Sept Salford
Sept 10th---Kruckau---11th Sept Salford
Sept 12th---Happy Fellow---Sept 14th Carrington
Sept 20th---Arslan 1---Sept 21st (covering for Thea 11)
Sept 23rd---Arslan 1---Sept 24th Irlam
Sept 24th---Sea Ems---Sept 26th Salford
Sept 29th---Brisote---Oct 1st Carrington
Oct 1st---Victress---Oct 3rd Salford
Oct 2nd---B Gas Lydia---Oct 4th Carrington
Oct 8th---Sea Ems---Oct 10th Salford
Oct 15th---Arklow Ruler---Oct 16th Irwell Park
Oct 20th Am---Stolt Fulmar---Oct 20th Pm Cadishead
Oct 24th---B Gas Crusader---Oct 26th Carrington
Oct 26th---Pinnau---Oct 29th Salford
Oct 28th---Thea II---Oct 28th Irlam ( Back on the service)
Nov 8th---Fluvios Otter---Nov 11th Salford
Nov 14th--- Hekla---Nov 17th Salford
Nov 20th---Deo Gloria---Manchester (Dredging Operations)
Dec 3rd---B Gas Commander---Dec 5th Carrington
Dec 7th---Hendrik S---Dec 11th Salford
Dec 11th---Lina---Dec 17th Irwell Park
Dec 18th---Fehn Capella---Dec 20th Salford
Dec 19th---B Gas Linda---Dec 20th Carrington
Dec 20th---Jevenau---Dec 23rd Irwell Park
   Movements for 2016

Jan 7th---Monika Mueller---Jan 10th Salford
(transfered to Irwell Park)
Jan 16th---Fehn Capella---Jan 19th Salford
Jan 18th---Stolt Dipper---Jan 18th Cadishead
Jan 18th---B Gas Linda---Jan 19th Carrington
Feb 4th---Fluvius Axe---Feb 7th Salford
Feb 13th---Fehn Capella---Feb 15th Salford
Feb 26th---Arklow Fortune---Feb 28th Salford
Mar 12th---Pinnau---Mar 14th Salford
Mar 20th---Stolt Kittiwake---Mar 21st Cadishead
Mar 21th---Pinnau--- Mar 23rd Salford
Mar 31st---Pinnau--- Apr 3rd Salford
Apr 8th---Petersburg--- Apr 9th Manchester Irwell Park
Apr 9th---Fehn Capella--- Apr 10th Salford
Apr 17th---Nestor--- Manchester Apr 19th Irwell Park
Apr 22nd---Arkonia--- Apr 26th Salford
Apr 28th---Omegagas---May 1st Carrington
May 1st---Arkonia---May 5th Salford
May 11th---Arkonia---May 14th Salford
May 12th---Stolt Jaeger---May 13th Cadishead
May 14th---Arklow Vale---Aug 5th Irwell Park
(late departure due to bridge collapse)
May 30th---B Gas Commander---May 31st Carrington
June 17th---Happy Fellow---June 19th Carrington
Aug 5th---Happy Fellow---Aug 6th Carrington
Aug 7th---Arkonia---9th Aug Salford
Aug 8th---Stolt Kittiwake---Aug 9th Cadishead
Aug 15th---Arkonia---17th Aug Salford
Aug 29th---Happy Fellow---Aug 31st Carington
Sept 6th---Arkonia---Sept 9th Salford
Sept 7th---RMS Veritas---Sept 8th Irlam
(Instead of Thea 11)
Sept 9th---RMS Veritas----Sept 9th Irlam
(Instead of Thea 11)
Oct 5th---Rochefort---Oct 8th Cargills...Heavy Load
Oct 18th---Ijsseldijk---Oct 23rd Irwell Park
Oct 26th---RMS Veritas---Oct 27th Irlam
Oct 31stAM---RMS Veritas---Oct 31stPM Irlam
Nov 1st---RMS Veritas----Nov 2nd Irlam
Nov 4thAM---RMS Veritas---Nov4thPM Irlam
Nov 7thAM---RMS Veritas----Nov7thPM Irlam
Dec 3rdAM---Tove---Dec 3rdPM Irlam
Dec 17th---Tove---Irlam
Dec 30th---Twister---Dec 31st Carrington

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