Manchester Ship Canal Movements

A record of the ship Movements on the Manchester Ship Canal
for Partington Cadishead & Manchester
Visits for 2013 and 2014
Also.. Coastal Deniz makes approx 3 round sailings each week.
On the 10th June 2014 the Thea 11 took over from Coastal Deniz.

   Movements for 2013

5th Jan---Arklow Rainbow---8th Jan
12th Jan--- Verity---15th Jan
18th Jan--- Stolt Guillemot---21st Jan
20th Jan--- Arklow Fern---23rd Jan
22nd Jan--- Arklow Ranger---25th Jan
28th Jan--- Nordstrand---1st Feb
29th Jan--- Happy Falcon--- 1st Feb
2nd Feb--- Voordijk---6th Feb
3rd Feb--- Arklow Rouge--- 8th Feb
7th Feb--- Arklow Rival--- 10th Feb
Feb ----Arklow Raven--- 9th Feb
10th Feb--- Arklow Ruler--- 12th Feb
14th Feb--- Nordstrand---16thFeb
18th Feb--- Arklow Rival--- 20th Feb
22nd Feb--- Arklow Fortune---24th Feb
28th Feb--- Arklow Rouge--- 3rd Mar
2nd Mar--- Stolt Razorbill---3rd Mar
3rd Mar--- Arklow Field--- 5th Mar
6th Mar--- Arklow Fortune---9th Mar
9th Mar--- Arklow Freedom---12th Mar
15th Mar--- Verity---17th Mar
18th Mar--- Arklow Freedom---21st Mar
21st Mar--- Arklow Racer--- 24th Mar
25th Mar--- Arklow Fortune---27th Mar
28th Mar--- Arklow Rainbow---31st Mar
1st April--- Arklow Raider---3rd April
3rd April--- Arklow Fame---6th April
6th April--- Arklow Rover--- 9th April
6th April--- Happy Falcon--- 9th April
8th April--- Arklow Forest---11th April
10th April--- Stolt Egret---12th April
14th April--- Arklow Raider---17th April
16th April--- Arklow Flair--18th April
18th April--- Arklow Rival--- 20th April
22th April--- Arklow Fern---25th April
25th April--- Arklow Field---28th April
29th April--- Arklow Falcon---2nd May
2nd May--- Arklow Fortune---
10th May--- Arklow Fern---12th May
10th May--- Deltagas---12th May
13th May--- Arklow Falcon---18th May
17th May--- Arklow Flair---20th May
19th May--- Arklow Rival---22nd May
24th May--- Arklow Rebel---27th May
25th May--- Arklow Ruler---28th May
27th May---- Arklow Fame----1st June
31st May--- Arklow Fortune---2nd June
1st June--- Arklow Flair---4th June
1st June--- Stolt Pelican---2nd June
3rd June--- Arklow Rambler---8th June
7th June--- Arklow Racer---11th June
8th June--- Happy Falcon---10th June
9th June--- Arklow Flair---11th June
11th June--- Arklow Resolve---13th June
12th June--- B Gas Lydia---13th June
13th June--- Arklow Falcon---15th June
15th June--- Arklow Rouge---17th June
17th June--- Arklow Field---19th June
20th June--- Arklow Fame---23rd June
22nd June--- Arklow Falcon---25th June
23rd June--- Arklow Faith---27th June
27th June--- Arklow Freedom---1st July
27th June--- Happy Falcon----28thJune
1st July--- Arklow Field---3rd July
4th July--- Cito--- 7th July
4th July--- Arklow Rose---9th July
6th July--- Twaite--- 8th July
7th July--- Arklow Rouge---
7th July--- Alana Evita---10th July
8th July--- Arklow Faith---
11th July--- Arklow Fame---14th July
16th July--- Happy Falcon--- 18th July
18th July--- Arklow Rover---22nd July
21st July--- Stolt Shearwater---22nd July
21st July--- Arklow Racer---24th July
22nd July--- Arklow Field--- 26th July
24th July--- Arklow Fern---29th July
27th July--- Arklow Fame--30th July
31st July--- Sospan Dau---
2nd Aug--- Arklow Freedom---4th Aug
3rd Aug--- Arklow Falcon---6th Aug
5th Aug--- Arklow Fern---8th Aug
9th Aug--- Arklow Rainbow---11th Aug
11th Aug--- Arklow Flair--- 13th Aug
13th Aug--- Arklow Rambler---15th Aug
13th Aug--- Calypso---17th Aug
16th Aug--- Omegagas---17th Aug
16th Aug--- Arklow Rebel---19th Aug
17th Aug--- Arklow Rainbow---21st Aug
20th Aug--- Muhlenau----22nd Aug
21st Aug--- Happy Falcon--- 23rd Aug
25th Aug--- Arklow Forest---
27th Aug--- Arklow Racer--- 31st Aug
28th Aug--- Arklow Rival--- 2nd Sept
1st Sept--- Arklow Raider---5th Sept
2nd Sept--- Arklow Ruler---7th Sept
3rd Sept--- Omegagas---5th Sept
5th Sept--- Arklow Fortune---9th Sept
10th Sept--- Arklow Racer--- 12th Sept
12th Sept--- Arklow Freedom---14th Sept
14th Sept--- Arklow Raider---17th Sept
15th Sept--- Omegagas---17th Sept
15th Sept--- Arklow Rainbow---20th Sept
18th Sept--- Arklow Flair---21st Sept
21st Sept--- Arklow Faith---24th Sept
23rd Sept--- Arklow Future---25th Sept
28th Sept--- Arklow Raven--- 30th Sept
29th Sept--- Arklow Rebel--- 1st Oct
3rd Oct--- Arklow Fortune---6th Oct
3rd Nov--- Happy Falcon--- 6th Nov
14th Nov--- Deltagas---23rd Nov
24th Nov--- Happy Falcon--- 25th Nov
4th Dec--- Victoria C---6th Dec
7th Dec--- Minka C---12th Dec
   Movements for 2014

4th Jan---Arklow Rambler---5th Jan
7th Jan--- Omegagas--- 8th Jan
17th Jan--- Arklow Raider--- 23rd Jan
22nd Jan--- Stolt Egret--- 23rd Jan
6th Feb---Merle---8th Feb-----Acton Grange
17th Feb---Deltagas---19th Feb
21st Feb---Arklow Faith---23rd Feb
10th Mar---Happy Falcon---12th Mar
15th Mar---Stolt Kestrel---16th Mar
10th Apr---Deltagas---13th Apr
20th Apr---Arklow Faith---24th Apr
4th May---Arklow Flair---6th May
8th May---Omegagas---10th May
23rd May---Stolt Kingfisher---24th May
25th May---Arklow Rouge---28th May
10th Jun---Thea 11---11th Jun--1st Visit
15th Jun---Arklow Rival---18th Jun
16th Jun---Deltagas---18th Jun
22nd Jun---Hav Zander---24th Jun
28th Jun---PS Sea---29th Jun
28th Jun---Deltagas---4th Jul
4th Jul---Norderau---5th Jul
4th Jul---Bayamo---13th Jul---To Stanlow
7th Jul---Arklow Resolve---10th Jul
7th Jul---B Gas Lydia---10th Jul--- To Stanlow
8th Jul---Velserdijk---12th Jul
12th Jul---Arklow Fern---15th Jul
13th Jul---B Gas Lydia---Transfer back from Stanlow
Dept..19th July
14th Jul---Stolt Puffin---14th Jul
14th Jul---Bayamo---Transfer back from Stanlow
Dept..25th July
15th Jul---Arklow Faith---17th Jul
19th Jul---Steinau----20th Jul
21st Jul---Meerdijk---23rd Jul
23rd Jul---Alsterdiep---26th Jul
25th Jul---Arklow Field---28th Jul
29th Jul---Arklow Forest---31st Jul
31st Jul---Deltagas----2nd Jul
31st Jul---Arklow Flair----2nd Jul
2nd Aug---Arklow Future---4th Aug
6th Aug---Arklow Fame---8th Aug
8th Aug---Arklow Rouge---11th Aug
10th Aug---Arklow Rover---15th Aug
14th Aug---Arklow Field---16th Aug
17th Aug---Arklow Resolve---18th Aug
19th Aug----Arklow Rival---21st Aug
21st Aug---Arklow Falcon----23rd Aug
24th Aug---Arklow Ruler---27th Aug
30th Aug---Arklow Rival---3rd Sept
2nd Sept---Deltagas---4th Sept
7th Sept---Stolt Kingfisher---8th Sept
9th Sept---Lingedijk---10th Sept
30th Sept---Omegagas---2nd Oct
7th Oct---Arklow Viking---10th Oct
9th Nov---Luhnau---11th Nov
17th Nov---Stolt Kittiwake---19th Nov
11th Dec---Wittenbergen---14th Dec
21st Dec---Deltagas---23rd Dec

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