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Below i've listed a few of the features i found very useful, but there are many many more.

Import your photos from your Flickr account

Add additional pages to your gallery.(This page being an example)

You can sort your files in each Album a variety of ways to suit you,as examples below

1)File name A-Z or Z-A
2)Photo Title A-Z or Z-A
3)Date Created New-Old or Old-New
4)Date Posted " "
5)or by Visits or Ratings
6)or even Numerical 1-9 or 9-1

Put albums in which ever order you prefer and change at any time
Associate images to more than one Album, Or even swop from one album to another
Permissions can be set for albums to be public or private, good if you only want certain people to view a particular Album ie Family & Friends.

Create Sub Albums
Use your own Address/Domain Name
Visitor's can Comment on Photo's...Rate Photo's
Comment Moderation
Add Tags and Descriptions to photos
Add Paypal Shopping Cart if you wish to sell images.
Add extra blocks and insert Images or text.
Watermark your photos.
Over 20 different Themes to choose from.
Add Header Banner picture from your computer or from one in your gallery
Right click protection
Hit Counter
Add Guestbook
Display photos in a Lightbox if you prefer
Add Social Buttons
Add Links Menu
Add random Photo Block
Email notification to users when new Photos added
Search Gallery
Full screen slideshow
User's can change Language
HTML Code can be used for Page Banners,Additional Pages,Photo Blocks and many other area's, i have used it to enhance certain sections with only a little knowledge