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  • alan says on Tuesday 1 November 2016:
    RMS Veritas again for Irlam 1/11/16
  • alan says on Wednesday 26 October 2016:
    RMS Veritas on the Irlam run 26th Oct evening tide
  • alan says on Tuesday 18 October 2016:
    Ijsseldijk due Manchester 18th Oct
  • Andy says on Thursday 6 October 2016:
    Do you know if the Rochefort is delivering to Cargill, as it seems to be docked there?
  • alan says on Saturday 24 September 2016:
    Rochefort for Manchester 4/10/16??
  • alan says on Saturday 3 September 2016:
    RMS Veritas for Irlam 7th and 9th
    Arkonia due 6th Sept for Salford
  • alan says on Tuesday 23 August 2016:
    Happy Fellow due Carrington 29th Aug
  • alan says on Saturday 13 August 2016:
    Arkonia due Salford 15th Aug 2016
  • alan says on Sunday 7 August 2016:
    Stolt Kittiwake due Cadishead 8/9th Aug
  • alan says on Thursday 4 August 2016:
    Arkonia due Salford 7th Aug.... Looks like Arklow Vale should be on her way at last!!!!
  • alan says on Thursday 28 July 2016:
    Happy Fellow due Carrington 4th August
  • alan says on Friday 8 July 2016:
    Mersey Ferries Ship Canal Cruises timetable now shows Aug as next trip!
  • alan says on Monday 13 June 2016:
    Happy Fellow due Carrington 17th June
  • alan says on Saturday 11 June 2016:
    Dredger Deo Gloria for Manchester 13th June?
  • Alan says on Wednesday 8 June 2016:
    According to Mersey Ferries website the next Canal cruise is now the 3rd July.
  • Tim says on Saturday 28 May 2016:
    B Gas Commander showing for Carrington.
  • alan says on Wednesday 25 May 2016:
    Manchester Ship Canal Cruises end of May and early June have been cancelled due to bridge collapse....18th June appears to be the next sailing, perhaps that tells us something?
    Arklow Vale still present.
  • alan says on Monday 16 May 2016:
    Ship Canal closed at Barton until further notice due to bridge Collapse.
    Arklow Vale will have to wait departure
  • alan says on Saturday 14 May 2016:
    Arklow Vale due 14th May Manchester
  • alan says on Wednesday 11 May 2016:
    Stolt Jaeger due Cadishead 12th May
  • alan says on Monday 9 May 2016:
    Arkonia due back Salford 11th May
  • alan says on Friday 29 April 2016:
    Arkonia due back for Salford 1/5/16
  • alan says on Monday 25 April 2016:
    Omegagas due Carrington 28/4/16
  • alan says on Tuesday 19 April 2016:
    Arkonia for Salford approx 22/4/16
  • alan says on Sunday 17 April 2016:
    Yes transferred from Runcorn nearly caught me out. Tuesday for going out?
  • Andy says on Sunday 17 April 2016:
    I've just noticed that the Nestor is on it's way to EMR?
  • alan says on Sunday 10 April 2016:
    Fehn Cappela due out this evening 10/4/16
  • alan says on Wednesday 6 April 2016:
    Petersburg due Manchester 7/4/16 .....last visited on the 4/1/15 and had to turn around above Mode Wheel in the Quays (96mts)?

    Fehn Capella making her 4th visit to Salford..due 9/4/16
  • alan says on Tuesday 29 March 2016:
    Pinnau due back for Salford 31/3/16...
  • alan says on Sunday 27 March 2016:
    HMS Biter & HMS Express in Latchford Locks 11.30 heading for Eastham
  • alan says on Wednesday 23 March 2016:
    Pinnau departed this morning 23rd
  • alan says on Friday 18 March 2016:
    Pinnau due back for Salford approx 20th/21st and Stolt Kittiwake for Cadishead 20th
  • Tim says on Monday 14 March 2016:
    Pinnau outward between Barton and Irlan. 08:45 14-Mar-16
  • alan says on Saturday 12 March 2016:
    Pinnau now along side at Weaste 11.30 12th
  • Tim says on Saturday 12 March 2016:
    Pinnau went up to Manchester this morning (12th)
  • alan says on Wednesday 9 March 2016:
    Pinnau due Salford 11th/12th March
  • alan says on Thursday 25 February 2016:
    Arklow Fortune due Salford 26th
  • alan says on Friday 19 February 2016:
    MSC Victory passing Runcorn heading up to Irlam
  • Tim says on Monday 15 February 2016:
    Fehn Capella has sneaked out this evening under the cover of darkness!!
  • alan says on Thursday 11 February 2016:
    Fehn Capella for Salford 13/2/16
  • alan says on Monday 1 February 2016:
    Fluvius Axe due Salford approx 4th Feb
  • alan says on Wednesday 27 January 2016:
    Stolt Dipper showing Liverpool Bar due 29th? Could it be Cadishead again? as last time.
  • Alan says on Monday 18 January 2016:
    At the moment we have 4 ships on the canal,B Gas Linda, Stolt Dipper,Thea II and Fehn Capella.
  • Tim says on Monday 18 January 2016:
    Stolt Dipper is currently inward at Old Quay, presumably for Cadishead. 07:30 18-Jan-16
  • alan says on Saturday 16 January 2016:
    Tim,B Gas Linda was showing Carrington when it left the bar?
  • Tim says on Saturday 16 January 2016:
    B Gas Linda currently at Stanlow is showing for Carrington.
  • alan says on Sunday 10 January 2016:
    Next cement boat about 17th Jan
  • alan says on Sunday 10 January 2016:
    Another non daylight sailing
  • Tim says on Sunday 10 January 2016:
    Monika Mueller underway from Salford. In Barton Locks 15:40. 10-Jan-16
  • alan says on Saturday 9 January 2016:
    Monika Mueller transfered to Scrap Berth 9/1/16
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