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  • alan komentuje piątek 26 luty 2021:
    Cheer James been away from computer last 3 days
  • Jameees komentuje czwartek 25 luty 2021:
    hi! Ceg Orbit due Weaste Friday 26th late evening. Arklow Flair also due Weaste Saturday/Sunday after the Ceg has finished unloading. :)
  • alan komentuje sobota 20 luty 2021:
    George Re MSC Deborah Built 1958 Issac Pimblott and Sons 35gt Hope this helps
  • George komentuje piątek 12 luty 2021:
    Hi I am interested in any information about the tug MSC DEBORAH.
    Ie/ year,size weight, service history, pictures.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Yours sincerely
  • Jon Newman komentuje niedziela 24 styczeń 2021:
    For those who are interested in the MV Sarinda. The vessel has been sold and the new owners have started to restore her. You can follow their progress on You Tube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MczJ6iYEZNo&feature=em-comments or search you tube for ML1392
  • alan komentuje środa 2 grudzień 2020:
    Yes all updated Paul..Eastern Vanquish should be leaving tomorrow 4th due 7th
  • Paul M-B komentuje środa 2 grudzień 2020:
    Stolt Cormorant is heading for Cadishead, currently just past Land's End.
    Eastern Virage (currently at King's Lynn) is rumoured to be inagurating the new grain flow to Esprit, but I haven't been able to confirm that.
    CEG Universe appears to be loading cement at Drogheda and I'm keeping an eye on her.
  • alan komentuje niedziela 18 październik 2020:
    Sorry for not repyling earlier ,Only dredging operations at the moment
  • Michele Martin komentuje czwartek 15 październik 2020:
    Hi there

    Myself and my partner love watching and photographing ships, tugs etc.

    We are hoping to come to Salford on Saturday 17th October and wondered if you could advise us if any vessels will be in then?

    Thanks loads, your website is brilliant
  • knoevers komentuje czwartek 24 wrzesień 2020:
    Hello Alan,
    can I reach you via mail for a question.
    I can't find an mailaddres on the webstite.

    Kees Please leave a message here..
  • alan komentuje wtorek 15 wrzesień 2020:
    Yes noticed Cape yesterday
  • Paul komentuje wtorek 15 wrzesień 2020:
    Arklow Rogue transferred to the scrap wharf yesterday.
    Arklow Cape looks like it’s the next grain shipment, these are coming from Sweden now, she’s just passing the Isle of Man.
  • Paul komentuje niedziela 23 sierpień 2020:
    Also Arklow Rival from Drogheda to Salford today.
  • Paul komentuje sobota 22 sierpień 2020:
    Stolt Cormorant for Cadishead tomorrow
  • Paul M-B komentuje poniedziałek 17 sierpień 2020:
    Arklow Raider is next, due on the 19th, and coming from Blainville-sur-Orne (Caen) rather than Rouen.
  • alan komentuje czwartek 6 sierpień 2020:
    Paul yes think it is for Salford.. Arklow Raider next for Cargills ..possible 2 every week now for a while
  • Paul M-B komentuje czwartek 6 sierpień 2020:
    Bornholm is currently off the Lleyn Peninsular with destination GB MSC. It is cement carrier and has come from Limerick (the same voyage Arkonia has been doing recently). Could be heading up to Weaste?
    PS thanks for the heads-up on Arklow Valour.
  • alan komentuje środa 8 lipiec 2020:
    Good spot Paul not been checking lately ..have updated site Cheers
  • Paul M-B komentuje środa 8 lipiec 2020:
    Alsterdiep has passed Runcorn, destination seems to be Manchester and one tracking website lists cargo as agricultural produce - maybe grain? Having said that, its movements haven't been updated for 45 minutes.
  • alan komentuje piątek 19 czerwiec 2020:
    Paul Not always for the upper part, have to keep eye out, sometimes they are for Ellesmere or Runcorn when they put MSC
    Last visit by this vessel was for scrap
  • Paul M-B komentuje piątek 19 czerwiec 2020:
    Hunzedijk is currently off Penzance with destination GBMSC eta 20/6. No idea how far up it will come.
  • alan komentuje wtorek 9 czerwiec 2020:
    Cheers Paul
  • Paul M-B komentuje wtorek 9 czerwiec 2020:
    CEG Universe is coming back from Drogheda destined for MSC again. Currently sailing with Arkonia but that is headed for Garston.
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 5 sierpień 2019:
    Arklow Clan and Arklow Falcon Arklow Valley next up for Cargills
  • alan komentuje środa 31 lipiec 2019:
    Arklow Fame due Cargills 1/8/19
  • alan komentuje wtorek 12 luty 2019:
    Arkonia due Salford 6/7/19

  • alan komentuje niedziela 20 styczeń 2019:
    Arkonia due Salford 23/1/19
    Arklow Valiant due Salford 26/1/19
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 10 grudzień 2018:
    Arklow Clan for Salford due 12/12/18
  • alan komentuje wtorek 30 październik 2018:
    Noest due Salford 3/11/18 CHANGED DESTINATION AT THE BAR Arkonia instead
    Brisote due Carrington 1/11/18
  • alan komentuje środa 26 wrzesień 2018:
    Noest due Salford 26/9/18
    Arklow Raider due Cargills 28/9/18
  • alan komentuje sobota 8 wrzesień 2018:
    Alecto due Salford 11/9/18
    Sefarina due Carrington 11/9/18
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 20 sierpień 2018:
    Calypso Due Salford 02/19/18
    Arklow Fame due Cargils 25/8/18
    Noest due Salford 24/8/18
    Arklow Ruler due Cargills 22/8/18
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 13 sierpień 2018:
    Arklow Cadet due Cargills 16/8/18
    Noest due Salford 17/8/18
    Arklow Fern due Cargills 19/8/18
  • alan komentuje wtorek 7 sierpień 2018:
    Noest due Salford 8/8/18
    Arklow Raider due Cargills 9/8/18
    Arklow Falcon due Cargills 11/8/18
  • alan komentuje piątek 3 sierpień 2018:
    Arklow Ruler due 4/8/18
    Arklow Rival due 6/8/18
  • alan komentuje środa 25 lipiec 2018:
    Arklow Rover due Cargills 27/7/18
    Arklow Rival due Cargills 29/7/18
    Arklow Falcon due Cargills 30/7/18
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 16 lipiec 2018:
    Arklow Rival due Cargills 19/7/18
    Arklow Raider " " 21/7/18
  • alan komentuje piątek 13 lipiec 2018:
    Arklow Cliff due Cargills 16/7/18
  • alan komentuje wtorek 10 lipiec 2018:
    Arklow Raider due Cargills 12/7/18
    Stolt Razorbill for Cadishead 13/7/18
    Arklow Cape for Cargills 14/7/18
  • alan komentuje piątek 6 lipiec 2018:
    Arklow Rebel due Cargills 8/7/18
  • alan komentuje piątek 6 lipiec 2018:
    Arkonia due Salford 7/7/18
  • alan komentuje wtorek 3 lipiec 2018:
    Arklow Ruler Due Cargills 5/7/18
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 25 czerwiec 2018:
    Arklow Cliff due for Cargills 27/6/18
  • alan komentuje sobota 23 czerwiec 2018:
    Butes due Manchester 23/6/18
    Arkonia due Salford 25/6/18
  • alan komentuje wtorek 19 czerwiec 2018:
    Arklow Rebel due Cargills 22/6/18
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 11 czerwiec 2018:
    Arklow Raider due Cargills 13/6/18
  • alan komentuje czwartek 7 czerwiec 2018:
    Arkonia due Salford 11/6/18
  • alan komentuje czwartek 24 maj 2018:
    Arklow Raven due Cargills 27/5/18
  • alan komentuje poniedziałek 21 maj 2018:
    Arkonia due Salford 26/5/18
  • alan komentuje środa 16 maj 2018:
    Fehn Capella due Salford 18/5/18
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